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Friday, 30 December 2011

RayFire Test 2

Second test of RayFire, again with Interactive Demolition and this time the simulation took less time and so did the render. An hour and a half both to simulate and render. The render times were achieved using the V-Ray RT per frame render time limit which was set to 30 seconds. Hope you enjoy watching!

RayFire Test 1

Testing out some features of RayFire. Quite interesting to see that the interactive demolition takes several hours to simulate whereas a pre-fractured object takes only and hour or so. It really does depend on the object but the reality is that it's quite slow when you have interactive demolition turned on. These are the results:
Rendered in V-Ray.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Collapsing Towers

I know I promised a tutorial which I still plan on making but I have to get my IB stuff done. Extended Essays and Lab Reports and ToK Essays... God! They are HORRIBLE! Anyway I was working with the MassFX physics engine to see what I could do and I formed this massive tower that in the digital world is about 10m high (Phew! Don't wanna look down that one!). To further understand how after effects was using in slow motion sequences and how it is used when there are reverse animations I dived into the Time Remapping tool. Now this feature is pretty simple and convenient and although I've heard it is said to be complex and hard I found it quite easy. I present the results: