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This blog is all about 3D design, game graphics, hardware comparisons, etc. I think you get the picture.
I have to accept I don't have much talent but I do try, which is like failing except even worse...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

PFlow + FumeFX + Krakatoa = Awesome

Having to be secretive about my 3ds max "excursions" I can't add much here as frequently. Anyway so I took the opportunity and built a scene with 3ds Max and added a PFlow particle animation and a FumeFX animation. Then I created several partitions for the particles generated by PFlow and FumeFX and using these partitions I rendered it in Krakatoa. There aren't that many particles, I'm guessing it's not over 1 million but if it is, just wow. Anyway I hope you enjoy watching! Cheers! :D
This is the original:                                                                                   This is the version with a soundtrack:

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Physx and Krakatoa

I think I've become obsessed with Krakatoa. I mean the endless possibilities with the particles make it seem like the very world is at my fingertips. Oh and I was testing out how to do a ball and chain simulation using the physx simulation engine. I learned the strategy from a tutorial but it is quite interesting the way he made it work. I am not going to make a tutorial on how to do it but I might in the future so stay tuned. Here's what I made:

I apologise for the low quality. Thank you!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Krak + PFlow = Particle Heaven

Ok. So I was thinking that I'd make an animation that would be a sort of hyperspace effect. Rendered using Krakatoa and made using 3ds max pflow. It turned out pretty good but it needs a bit of polishing and all that but overall it's pretty nice. See for yourself:

Friday, 13 January 2012

Project Stardust (Yep! Once again!)

Well I finally finished rendering this beauty and now I just uploaded it. I hope you like it. Post a comment, like it, do something! Someone please find this blog! I'm done whining. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Now this is a worthwhile plugin, although not as amazing as RealFlow it certainly is much cheaper! Check out this Mental Ray rendering.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Back to some old-fashioned modeling

Well yesterday morning I was reading on and I saw this very interesting picture of something called a Nixie Clock. Being intrigued by it's design I went on the internet and researched about it trying to figure out what the hell it was. I saved some reference photos just in case I needed it. Then I returned home later that afternoon and decided to start making something for my girlfriend based around the concept of a Nixie Clock. Although not exactly the same, in an hour or so I came up with this.
I'm quite proud of it since it was only an hour or twos work and so far it's been my best attempt at recreating something from reference photos. Later, I will post a tutorial on how to make it yourself.