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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Trying Blender for the First Time

Well here's my first fluid animation and simple scene that I did with Blender. The software is efficient and quite speedy too but it lacks the intuitive modelling capabilities and the easy navigation system of 3ds max or maybe it's just that I'm using my small laptop. Anyway whichever it is I have to say I'm impressed with this free piece of software, it's just really good and now in comparison to 3ds max I have to say that in some respects Blender is a good compromise and gives autodesk a good run for its money. Here's the first thing I did. I was going to do a tutorial on the shielding effect but unfortunately I don't remember exactly how I did it and when I tried to reproduce the results let's just say it was ugly. So now my plan is to make a tutorial on how to model GLaDoS from Portal 2 and that will be in several small videos since YouTube limits me to 15 minutes (urrgh...). Anyway check this out and I'll be bringing you a tutorial hopefully by this Thursday or at the very least a simple introduction.