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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Intros, intros, intros

Well it's been a while hasn't it? I've been studying for my exams but I needed something to cool off these last two days. My solution? 3ds max. I've decided that an intro sequence to my 3d videos was long overdue and finally I've come up with something I like. I've uploaded it onto youtube and put it here for you to see. I modelled and textured everything in 3ds max, the rendering was done by Mental Ray including the motion blur. Then I composited the entire sequence in After Effects adding the text at the end. I was going for an orbit around a planet style intro and I think I achieved that but with the interactive destruction of the objects it seemed to become something brilliant. I have to thank Rayfire since it was the only solution other than using Particle Flow which would've been a great hassle. The Physx engine really is amazing because this one thousand frame simulation was completed in an hour and a half. I wish I knew some Maxscript because I want to create a script that will simulate the exact motion of planets according to Newtonian mechanics. Well, I think that's enough chitchat, here is the result of my work: